• My Direct Freight Express Account

    A fast, efficient and secure way to manage your Freight and Account.

    Provides our customer personalised access to Direct Freight Express. Everything you are required to manage and effectively control your dispatches.

    Features include:

    • Book a Pickup/Controlled Return
    • Track & Trace/Proof of Delivery
    • Rate Calculator
    • Transit Time Calculator
    • Customer Rates
    • Account/Invoice Information
  • Book a Pickup

    It's quick, easy and transparent.

    To book a pickup, simply log into your Online Direct Account and select Book a Pickup.

    Here you can:

    • book a collection from your registered pickup address or from any other address in Australia
    • and either electing to have the freight returned to the registered pickup address or any delivery address

    and your local Direct Freight Express branch will print labels for the freight and organise the collection.

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  • Dispatch

    A fast and convenient way to manage your freight dispatch.

    Our dispatch software makes it simple for our customer to produce consignments efficiently. It enables you to also manage and track your shipments.

    The features provided:

    • Store receiver address
    • Create consignments, labels and manifests
    • Price consignments
    • Ability to track consignments and view Proof of Delivery
    • Import consignments for batch processing
    • Send delivery notification alerts to the end receiver

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  • Track & Trace

    Real time consignment status updates.

    To find out the latest status on your consignment, simply enter your consignment note or reference number and submit your request to receive the latest information. If you are logged in to your Direct Freight Express online account you will also be able to retrieve a copy of the Proof of Delivery (if available).

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  • Rate Calculator

    Know exactly what it costs.

    To check a price for a shipment, simply login to your Online Direct Account. Complete the mandatory fields: from suburb, to suburb, package type, items, weight and cubic and the cost information will be returned based on your account specific quoted rates.

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  • Check Transit Time

    How long before it will be delivered.

    Need to know when a delivery is expected to arrive? It's simple, just simply use your online Transit Time Calculator to check the estimated expected delivery date based on your individual request.

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  • Direct Freight Express Online

    A fast and convenient way to manage your freight dispatch online.

    A personalised online dispatch application, that enables you to manage your freight movements online.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Easy to use
    • Create and manage consignments, labels and manifests
    • Create and manage receivers
    • Ability to calculate the cost of your consignments

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